• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.


sea shipping
Chartering of ships is a search for the necessary tonnage (a ship or a place on a ship) for the carriage of cargo with the subsequent conclusion of a contract of carriage by sea with the ship owner. That is, it is an agreement on the hiring of a vessel to perform a certain transportation (voyage) or hiring a vessel for a certain period of time.
In the case when the shipowner is looking for cargo and concludes a contract for its transportation, it is called ship charter. In practice, in both cases it is customary to use a single term “chartering”.
Frahtovanie sudov

There are several types of chartering:

- chartering for 1 sea voyage

After the transportation, both parties are exempt from contractual relations;
- chartering for several consecutive voyages. The
agreed number of transportations must be performed continuously. That is, the owner of the vessel cannot lease it to another client until the previously concluded contractual relationship expires and the entire cargo is transported;
- freight or general contract 
Carriage of goods is carried out within a certain period. The charter clearly sets out all the requirements for a sea vessel, the terms of delivery and shipment, as well as the procedure for payment for services.

TTG Forward provides brokerage services for the search for vessels for the carriage of goods and drafting charter contracts.

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