• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Stevedoring Company TTG Forward

Leaders in Cargo Handling in Chernomorsk

LLC "TEK-TRANS GROUP FORWARD" is a company specializing in the transshipment of bulk and general cargo on the territory of Ukraine. 
The company has at its disposal and offers its customers 9 berths for various purposes. 

The company is confidently on its feet, has proven itself in the market and has been holding a leading position in the Black Sea seaport for a long time. On its territory, the company provides a wide range of services regarding the transshipment / storage of cargo, as well as the performance of loading and unloading operations.

For fast, reliable and high-quality handling and mooring of sea vessels, the company uses 11 berths (Odessa). Each berth has its own specialization, complies with legal regulations regarding compliance with safety measures, labor protection, the required length, depth of berths and other important parameters, and also can serve a fairly large flow of customer cargo without compromising the quality and safety of goods. 

The staff of TEK-TRANS GROUP FORWARD LLC is staffed with a sufficient number of highly qualified employees. The total number of employees is 45 people with specialized education and extensive work experience. Before starting work, all employees must undergo special training.

The main priority of the company is compliance with labor protection rules, taking care of the safety of each employee and the safety of property and goods of customers. We direct the maximum amount of efforts to ensure safe working conditions, prevent accidents, and timely repair machinery and equipment. 

Our employees are professionals in their field. Therefore, we guarantee prompt, timely and quality service. To obtain professional advice, just call the company representatives by phone +38 096-8888-700 .

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