Commercial transshipment in the ports of Ukraine: features, organization and types of cargo

A useful guide to commercial transshipment in the ports of Ukraine.

A useful guide to commercial transshipment in the ports of Ukraine.

Opportunities for commercial use of river and sea ports in Ukraine are regularly expanding. This ensures high efficiency of a huge number of domestic export-oriented enterprises and importing enterprises. For them, transshipment in the port and further transportation of goods by sea gives access to any, even the most remote markets.
And most importantly - allows you to operate with a large tonnage compared to rail and cargo air traffic. For example, the port of the South after dredging in 2014 can accommodate large vessels with a draft of up to 18 m.In October 2018, the port workers set a record for loading bulk cargo - 206,750 tons of iron ore concentrate were shipped into the cargo holds of the Netadola bulk carrier of the Newcastlemax class.
Foreign agents are attracted by transshipment in the port of Ukraine due to:
  • relatively low tariff rates;
  • a large selection of contractors and stevedoring companies with competitive offers;
  • efficient operating infrastructure of cargo terminals.
The latter provide services for the organization of the process of transshipment, sell the services of maritime agents and domestic port forwarders.

The share of different cargoes in the current volumes of port transshipment

From January to May 2020, the volume of transshipment of imported goods and raw materials increased by 12% compared to the same period in 2019. Currently, the most popular imported goods are coal, oil and petroleum products. The share of coal transshipment has grown significantly, an increase over the previous volumes was 56.6% (2.9 million tons in pure terms). The amount of imported oil has increased many times - the volume of transshipment amounted to 0.7 million tons, ie increased by 170.7%. By the end of May, the increase in the volume of dark and light oil products imported by tankers was estimated at 0.4 million tons (+ 68.8%).
The structure of exports is traditionally dominated by cereals and iron ore concentrate.Crops, despite the predominant share in the composition of exported raw materials show a moderate increase. In total, the seaports of Ukraine shipped 5% more tons of grain in the first 4 months of 2020 than in the same period of 2019. However, according to experts in the 2020/21 season should expect a decrease in grain, in particular the volume of transshipment of corn .
This forecast is associated with falling demand for corn for bioethanol production due to low energy prices. It also takes into account the reduction of yields of this crop according to NAAS of Ukraine to 32-33 million tons this year. At the same time, according to global estimates, the growth of wheat consumption should continue. 

The current state and prospects of transshipment of cement and CCM

Transshipment of dry mixes (CCM) for export as of 2020 does not indicate growth trends. At the same time, the share of exported bulk construction materials from Turkey, mainly white cements, is significantly expanding. It is worth noting that the transshipment of cement for domestic consumption will maintain the same pace due to the intensification of river transport. The Ministry of Infrastructure forecasts an increase in the volume of transshipment of crushed stone , building stone and bulk materials, along with rolled metal products.

Use of big bags for transportation and transshipment of general cargo on the ship

At the moment, for SSM a great emphasis is placed on transshipment in big bags . Kherson and Mariupol seaports have been working with bags in artificial bags for a long time. This type of container is well suited for working with dry cement-sand and gypsum mixtures.
Synthetic bags have a two-layer coating of polypropylene film and outer fabric. The capacity of different types of big bags is designed for 1.2-2 tons of bulk material. For transportation on a bag loops which are easily fastened on a fork of the loader or a hook of the crane are sewn. It is convenient to store the contents of big bags both on the sites of open warehouses, placing containers on pallets, and in warehouse bunkers and silo towers.For convenience of unloading on the bottom of a product the valve is provided.

Transshipment in the Black Sea port from TSG Forward

Stevedoring company TTG Forward is included in the register of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine and has one of the largest complexes for sea transshipment in the waters of the port of Chernomorsk. The port complex has 9 berths. Of these, 4 are adapted to work with grain cargo, 1 - with general and 1 - to work with both artificial and bulk cargo. Three more berths are adapted for unloading palletized cargo and cars from barges.
We invite representatives of trade and industrial contractors to cooperate for the rapid organization of an effective and long-term strategy for freight logistics and TSC. The cost of transshipment in the port standardized and formed on the basis of the current Law of Ukraine "On Seaports" and the order of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure № 392. The price of port transshipment in addition to the cost of loading and unloading (RDP), intraport forwarding and customs clearance of goods include:
  • fee for the use of the border area of ​​the berth (per sq. m per day)
  • mooring fee (calculated by tonnage);
  • rates for towing during mooring / unmooring (by volume of the vessel).
We value your time and money, so we offer a well-thought-out schedule and the optimal technological map of the RDP. Our representatives will provide you with additional information about all available services.
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