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Transhipment of charcoal

Sea transshipment of charcoal in the port "Chornomorsk"

Charcoal is widely used in cooking (as fuel for a stove or barbecue), medicine, cosmetology, as well as in filter elements to clean the air from combustion products and industrial effluents. In practice, the transshipment of charcoal requires a balanced and verified approach, since this material has the following features: 
  • the ability to absorb moisture from the air;
  • abundant pollution of the environment in the form of dust and soot during unloading.

That is why we recommend transporting coal in big bags.

At the terminal "TTG Forward" is practiced a sea transshipment of charcoal in soft containers. This is the most efficient way of handling burnt wood, which is harmless to the environment and health of workers in the loading area. In addition, the raw material placed in polypropylene bags has a low loss rate and retains its useful properties better than when unloaded in bulk. 

How do we transfer charcoal in big bags?

The cargo in soft containers is delivered to the transshipment complex in open wagons or by means of road transport. Depending on the season and the customer's wishes, the shipment of charcoal is made:
  • in the summer - to the storage area of the open warehouse;
  • in the cold season - to closed warehouses;
  • with a batch volume of several thousand tons - direct unloading from a trailer to a ship.

Loading is carried out using 3 gantry cranes. Big bags with a load are fixed with slings on special traverses, on which, depending on the volume and intensity of loading operations, 4, 6 or 8 bags weighing 1-1.5 tons each can be hung.

Order charcoal transshipment right now

To prepare a consignment of goods for export or import to Ukraine, you need:
  • conclude an agreement with a foreign counterparty;
  • declare the cargo;
  • attach a quality certificate and consignment notes to the goods.

Our specialists will help you to go through all the above procedures as quickly as possible, as well as agree on the timing of coal transshipment. By calling the phones listed on the site, you can get all the information you are interested in regarding the loading and unloading operations, as well as send all the necessary package of documents to the email address indicated by our manager.

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