• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Transshipment of building materials

Sea transshipment of building materials in the port «Chornomorsk»

The transshipment complex «TTG Forward» has spacious yards and mechanized facilities for fast transshipment of bulk and commodity-piece building materials. Loading and unloading operations (LUO) are carried out at berths №18 and 22, and for loading general cargo to/from the railway wagon is provided an open warehouse with a total area of 12 250 sq.m.

Bulk transshipment of building materials

“TTG Forward” stores and reloads the following types of mineral building materials in bulk:
  • sand, clay;
  • crushed stone, pebbles, gravel;
  • crushed granite and natural stone;
  • round timber.
For the formation and movement of goods at the terminal is used wheeled special equipment (excavators, front-end loaders), as well as coastal multi-ton cranes with grab grippers.

Transshipment of construction materials in big bags

This method is used to work with building materials in the form of dry building mixtures - gypsum chips, putty, cement, lime and slag. When packed in polypropylene bags, such substances are reliably protected from moisture and are less prone to freezing.
In addition, the transshipment of building materials in big bags is advisable in the following cases:
  • when it is necessary to distribute the goods in large containers - 1, 1.2 and 1.5 tons;
  • in the case of division and subsequent distribution of a batch of piece cargo between various objects and warehouses;
  • when unloading cargo into small consumable bunkers for 6-12 tons.

Transshipment of building materials on pallets or in stacks

The batches of building materials, collected in pallets or stacks, consist of valuable products with a high degree of processing - ready-made mixtures in bags, building blocks and bricks, sheets of rolled metal, wood sheets and drywall.
It is customary to stack palletized building materials and stacks no more than 2-3 tiers in height. In this case, it is important to take into account not only the strength of the cargo itself, but also the pallet on which it is placed.
To be completely sure of the safety of building materials on pallets during transshipment, as well as the most efficient use of cargo deck space, use the help of our specialists.

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