• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Transhipment of piece cargo

Transshipment of packaged cargo in the port "Chornomorsk"

Packaged or general cargo is any type of cargo transported in a separate package or container. Unlike work with bulk materials, when handling packaged cargo, it is important to ensure the safety not only of the product itself, but also of its container. Damage to the container or packaging during transportation is fraught with damage to the product, and in the case of toxic or explosive materials - there is a danger to people and material damage.
Port operator "TTG Forward" attracts experienced specialists at all stages of general cargo transshipment. Our specialists carefully monitor the condition of the products both in preparation for loading operations and directly during them, which helps to minimize possible risks and losses.
Working with our representatives, you get quality services:
  • customs broker (preparation and verification of documentation for export and import);
  • shipping agent (pilotage, mediation between the ship owner and the port administration, supply of the vessel for the period of stay at the port);
  • stuffing officer (full organization of loading and transportation);
  • a charterer (search for contractors, drafting and negotiating contracts for sea freight).

What types of packaged cargoes are there?

For transshipment of packaged goods, the following are used:
  • rigid containers - metal containers (barrels, cans) and boxes that are intended for liquid and semi-liquid substances, as well as fragile materials;
  • semi-rigid structures - metal cages and baskets, cardboard boxes;
  • soft containers - knitted nets, bags, bales, as well as polypropylene big bags. The latter are convenient for transshipment of both perishable goods (fruits and vegetables) and bulk materials - grain, agricultural fertilizers, cereals, ore, dry building mixtures.

How is the transshipment of packaged cargo carried out?

Packaged cargo is handled on the territory of the "TTG Forward" transshipment complex at berths 18 and 22. Depending on the customer's plans, it is possible to transship packaged cargo both in big bags and in palletized form. For loading of products (on pallets or in soft containers) into wagons, there is a railway line, connected to the station "Chornomorsk-Port", as well as an open storage area next to it.

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