• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Customs Brokerage Services

Today, customs clearance services can be attributed to the most difficult stage in the international sphere. At customs control, many often face serious difficulties and problems that can become real obstacles in the process of implementing economic issues - when importing products or when shipping their own goods. That is why experienced exporters and importers, if necessary, interact with ports such as Odessa, Chernomorsk or Yuzhny prefer professional services of brokers .

The customs broker is a specialist - an agent between the cargo owner, customs control and other government services. The duties of the customs broker is to control all relevant documentsimporters and exporters, and clarification of readiness for necessary procedures at customs. 

What are the services of an official customs representative for?

If you take into account the data of the Customs Code of Ukraine (TCU), then the declaration of products is carried out by the person declarant (participant in the foreign economic industry) or the customs broker, if he chooses the declarant. For experienced managers of commercial type companies, it is important that their products do not linger at a customs point. To ensure the rapid movement of imports and exports, bypassing delays and snags in the implementation of various customs procedures, many resort to the services of customs brokers.

A customs broker is a legal representative who provides intermediary services between importers / exporters and customs. The broker has the right to be called the legal representative of the tenant at the customs point with the right to perform the following actions :
  • providing documentation and information data that are necessary for customs procedures;
  • the possibility of obtaining permits in government organizations;
  • the right to declare goods and vehicles;
  • the right to pay duties and other payments;
  • organizational issues of storage and movement.
Demand for the services of customs representatives is very popular. This is due to the presence of a large flow of imported products. The independent passage of all procedures is a rather complicated process, especially if a person does not possess the necessary level of legislative knowledge and is not familiar with customs standards. That is why prudent participants of foreign economic activity provide in advance the services of reliable partners, who can no doubt be entrusted with the design of delivered products.

Cargo customs clearance includes a whole range of measures. A customs broker takes part in such procedures as:
  • control of shipping documents;
  • customs value control;
  • calculation of payments;
  • inspection of products.

Customs Broker Responsibilities

When carrying out a transaction, a declaration agreement is mandatory. This contributes to the formal relationship between the customer-client. In the contract are obligatory clauses such as:
  • obligations and rights of all parties;
  • term and form of payment;
  • if necessary, the presence of additional conditions.
The customs specialist has the right to independently choose the optimal scheme of actions in the process of customs clearance of goods. By minimizing the cost of customs services is meant a correct risk assessment, which relates to the delivery of goods from abroad. 

The customs broker has material and criminal obligations under the law. The concluded agreement provides an opportunity for the broker to take the necessary actions on behalf of the customer. If there is no written contract drawn up by the necessary standards, then the actions of the customs representative are illegal. Brokerage is not limited to services aimed at customs clearance. Upon receipt of broker powers from the customer, the broker is fully responsible for the correct conduct of customs activities.

The right to represent the interests of importers and exporters to the broker rests with the following aspects:
  • permission to conduct such activities. The document is supported by a record in the form of a mark in the state register;
  • an agreement in which services are registered for customs clearance of products with participants in foreign economic activity.

Conclusion of a contract with a broker

A separate item includes an important part of brokerage work in the form of customs clearance of vehicles. For this procedure, you need a lot of experience, care and consideration of all points. In order to avoid overpayments, the services of experienced customs brokers will be an ideal solution. For an inexperienced declarant, it is easy to get confused in various payments (excise taxes, duties, VAT and so on). For this case, the help of a specialist who correctly draws up the documentation and rationally distributes the necessary contributions will be a reasonable decision. 

What criteria should be used when choosing customs brokers:

  • the selection of a specialist and the conclusion of an agreement with him is a recommended condition until the moment of import or export of products. A reliable option will be the conclusion of preliminary documentation during negotiations with foreign partners;

  • high-quality performance of customs broker services cannot be cheap;
  • It’s important to frankly tell all the information that relates to your transaction. If you miss any nuances, it can harm both the client and the broker

Advantages of customs broker services

  • competent filling out the documentation; timely notification of the introduction of duties and other mandatory payments;
  • choosing the perfect design solution that will save time and money;
  • the use of established relationships in the event of unforeseen situations;
  • financial guarantees; legal legitimacy of actions;
  • effective and efficient schemes for product design;
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