• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Port forwarding process

features and obligations

For the transport of goods from abroad, a prerequisite is the interaction with a large number of regulatory authorities. These reasons are the basis for contacting professionals. The main responsibility for the process as a whole lies with the specialist.
But customers need to familiarize themselves with the important concepts and fundamentals of the transportation process.
The organization and implementation of transportation of sea and multimodal type means interaction with seaports.

The port is a complex mechanism, which is based on many groups, terminals, stevedoring organizations.That is why, for high-quality and timely cargo delivery, attention should be paid not only to general forwarding services, but also to port forwarding of goods.

Why do you need forwarding

Before you understand the features of this issue, you need to understand what intra-port forwarding is and whether it is possible not to use this kind of service. For port forwarding it is typical to use various types of transport.

The main purpose of transport forwarding is the fast and safe organization of the delivery of goods from sellers to buyers. Forwarders' powers include a wide range of work, which means the organization of transportation processes of transportation and the execution of documentary support for the goods. It is also worth mentioning the final cost for the cargo owner, which is determined by the professionalism of the forwarder and the literacy of his work.

When choosing a forwarder, do not give preference to dubious specialists who offer a lower price segment for their services. At the moment - it is worth choosing a qualified specialist who gives high guarantees.

Is it possible not to resort to the services of forwarders? Most likely you can. But in this matter it is necessary to focus on international delivery standards, which are characterized by many nuances.

A simpler and more effective solution will be the services of professional forwarders.

What is port forwarding in Odessa

Under-port forwarding of cargo export means a specialized list of services provided by a forwarder. The main direction is intra port work with the delivered cargo.

Forwarder Responsibilities:

  • work with the documentary part;
  • networking with agents of sea lines;
  • careful control in the process of carrying out activities of the loading and unloading type;
  • cargo control at ports;
  • the implementation of operations aimed at storing the delivered products;
  • work with a port terminal; interaction with regulatory authorities.

An important part of maritime shipping of sea type is port forwarding in Odessa.
And it doesn’t matter - it’s sailing or delivery of international cargo. If we consider the basics of intra-port forwarding in general, it should be said that its main functions are the following factors :
  • transshipment operations through the port;
  • safety of the delivered goods.
In the process of cargo transportation through the sea, forwarders offer a list of additional services that may become necessary. 

When the ship arrives at the port, the forwarder monitors the unloading procedure and provides equipment for the export of goods. Import is delivered to the location indicated by the customer. Under port escort, storage areas are provided that can be leased up to the moment when the import is not taken by the receiving party.

In the process of unloading and loading operations, a specialist draws up a tally sheet, which indicates the exact data on the amount of the accountable cargo. This kind of documentation is reporting to the client. In order to protect yourself from unnecessary financial costs, to avoid problems and various issues for which you need the fastest possible solution, the services of trusted specialists will be the right option.

Forwarding terms and services

The process of intra-port forwarding through the sea means a set of measures in the form of escort of the delivered cargo. The support includes the following services:
  • import delivery to the port;
  • documentation support;
  • delivery to the specified transshipment point;
In the city of Chernomorsk there is a large port that accepts various cargoes. Local shipping companies cooperate with limited agents. This contributes to a high quality guarantee for the services provided.

Shipping process

For customers of sea freight, it is necessary to determine the volume and weight of the cargo that will be moved. The forwarding company with which the contract is concluded delivers the container to the destination with subsequent filling. 

For those goods that need certain conditions, you can use the service of the refrigerator, tank, open area. Due to the dimensions of the container there is the possibility of composing groupage cargoes. For this case, the consignment is sent to the warehouse of the contractors. Labor and technical equipment are provided.


The client must provide relevant documents for the goods that are valid in the territory of the exporting countries. Also required description and batch weight. Successful customs control rests with the agent who provides forwarding services. Its tasks are :
  1. customs clearance;
  2. selection of goods for subsequent expert examination;
  3. collection of documentation that indicates the necessary quality standards;
  4. p Allowing the export of goods from the port.

How much are the services for intra-port freight forwarding

It is quite difficult to determine the cost of a service in advance, since the following criteria apply to it:
  • type of product and the corresponding HS;
  • volume and weight indicators;
  • the time period that determines the location of the cargo in the port;
  • whether further transportation is necessary;
  • varieties of contracts with suppliers in accordance with incoterms
That is why, in order to calculate the cost of a service, the above factors should be taken into account. Specialized companies provide advance calculations, the differences of which with the actual ones will amount to no more than 15%.

In the majority of cases, suppliers send orders on the basis of the FOB principle, which means the imposition of all costs on the buyer. It is also possible to discuss the moment for the supplier to perform all necessary actions, even loading cargo on board the ship.

Under the additional services of intra-port forwarding of foreign trade activities of goods means insurance of transported goods. All necessary documents are executed upon conclusion of an agreement on the provided logistics services. The contractor’s company is liable for the timely delivery of the goods, and for customers - there is the possibility of tracking the rented containers along the way. The company of the contractor is responsible for the timely delivery of goods, and for the buyer - there is the possibility of tracking its cargo on the way.

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