What to consider when handling wood chips

Wood chips. Special requirements for port handling and storage. Port transshipment of wood chips in Chernomorsk

Wood chips. Special requirements for port handling and storage. Port transshipment of wood chips in Chernomorsk

Wood chips are shredded wood products that are actively used as biofuel. In the last 10-15 years, wood chips have been regularly used for kindling solid fuel boilers in heating systems for residential premises and production workshops. It is of no less value as a raw material for industrial use in such areas as:
  • production of paper and cellulose products;
  • production of feed yeast and technical alcohols;
  • obtaining building materials from compressed wood waste and fuel pellets;
  • production of viscose fibers.
Sea transhipment of wood chips in the south of Ukraine is a relatively recent practice due to the growing demand for this type of bulk cargo. The main cargo traffic in this direction of transshipment is provided by the terminals "TIS-Container" in the water area of ​​the seaport "Yuzhny", LLC "Yugekotop" in Nikolaev and the Ilyichevsk sea trade port.

Special requirements for port handling and storage

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Wood chips, like other finely dispersed logging waste, are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. High moisture content negatively affects its calorific value and accelerates biocorrosion processes. To ensure optimal commercial qualities, its moisture content should be no more than 30%. In order to protect against atmospheric moisture and comply with fire safety, wood chips are transported in soft polypropylene containers of the big bag type. A polyethylene liner must be inserted inside the container for full protection from moisture.
The second aspect that is important to consider during storage and transportation is the protection of cargo from low temperatures. With a long stay in the cold, wood chips can freeze, which will further complicate their unloading. The optimal temperature regime for its temporary storage is considered to be in the range of 5-20 ° C.
The third point is that wood chips tend to heat up, albeit slightly, given the short transportation time. When placed in the hold, the tiers filled with it must be delimited by pallets to ensure air circulation and heat removal.
The last thing you should definitely pay attention to is the duration of transportation. In conditions of bunker storage, chips do not change their useful qualities and calorific value for 5-7 days. Therefore, the period of transportation of the shipped chips by sea should not exceed this period.

Port transshipment of wood chips in Chernomorsk

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The Forward Marine Terminal has the necessary infrastructure for handling wood chips in big bags. There is an open storage area with an area of ​​12 250 m 2 for storing the consignments prepared for dispatch on the territory of the complex . A railway line No. 10 is connected to the warehouse site, connecting the terminal with the Chornomorsk-Port cargo station. On this section of the railway track, you can simultaneously submit 14 wagons for loading / unloading piece cargo.
In addition to the developed infrastructure and cargo handling capacities, we offer to use the services of:
- freight brokers;
- ship agents;
- intra-port forwarders and staffers.
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