• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.


any kind of cargo

Transportation of goods by ships is a rather painstaking process, which consists of a large number of actions requiring coherence and high speed of execution. Among the whole process algorithm, cargo stuffing plays an important role, without which it is difficult to imagine transshipment work.
What is cargo stuffing? 

To understand what is the meaning of stuffing work, you need to turn to the theoretical side of the issue, which will slightly open the curtain of secrecy.
Wagering is an action that involves loading a product, delivering it to a in containers (bags, big bags,)

Stuffing process components:

  • acceptance of a vehicle with cargo;
  • receipt and selection of empty containers for loading goods;
  • bulk cargo transfer to previously prepared containers;
  • if necessary, pre-processing of goods, if this is provided for by technical standards;
  • preparation of certificates and licenses for the transported cargo, in accordance with the requirements of the law;
  • customs registration of packaged goods;
  • the final stage is the delivery of goods to the cargo terminal for further transportation.

Container for cargo: requirements and description

One of the fundamental factors in processes such as transshipment and stuffing of cargo is the right packaging for the goods. Big bags are recognized as the most durable, lightweight and economical packaging for the transportation of goods by ships. 

The advantages of big bags when transporting goods by ships

Big run is a soft container made with a fairly durable and flexible material. The latter is intended for transportation of bulk cargo. Such containers are made from polypropylene or polyethylene fibers, treated in a specific way to achieve the highest density of the product.
In addition to such advantages as durability, efficiency and lightness, big-bag is a fairly low-cost alternative to expensive metal containers and drums. Such a factor undoubtedly only reduces the cost of the cargo delivery process and makes it accessible. 


Eco-friendly packaging when stuffing

Thanks to the use of polypropylene packaging, sanitary and hygiene standards are fully satisfied and a high level of environmental friendliness is ensured. In addition, there are no emissions of radionuclides and other harmful substances into the environment during the processing and disposal of big bags. 
In port cities, the industry for the recycling and recycling of such bags is developing successfully.


Appearance and design features of the big bag

To understand what this stuffing container looks like, it’s enough to imagine a huge bag with slings, for which the big bag is lifted using mechanisms. The carrying capacity of this bag is on average from 0.5 t to 2 t. 
It should be noted that the big-bag slings are necessarily reinforced, due to which the lifting process is safe. Therefore, such a process as cargo stuffing in Odessa, Nikolaev or another port of the coastal zones of Ukraine will become quite reliable and fast, with the help of polyethylene big-bags.

What cargo are used to transport big run

The most convenient for transportation are big bags for goods of such industries:
  • agricultural (food, cereals, vitamins, feed for agricultural purposes);
  • food (products whose shelf life allows their long transportation);
  • chemical (various polymers, raw materials, mineral fertilizers, acids);
  • construction (building materials, related consumables);
  • any types of bulk cargo

Cargo packing in the
ports of Odessa

Freight forwarding companies in the port city, as a rule, focus on the geographical location of their warehouses, for better interaction with the terminals of coastal cities, including Southern or Chernomorsk. Thanks to which there is a quick loading of big bags on the terminal.
For the convenience of the client, the freight forwarding company will carry out the whole chain of necessary actions, starting from the receipt of the goods and loading them into containers to the shipment of goods for export. Therefore, the client, turning to the company saves a lot of time and effort.

Staffing at other ports in Ukraine

Any port city, regardless of geographic location, has a similar stuffing algorithm. Therefore, cargo grafting in the port of Chernomorsk is the same streamlined and holistic process as in Odessa or Nikolaev. The main difference between them is the scale and volume of cargo for stuffing.

What is a mechanism of action? What is the mechanism of action and can it be dispensed with or not? 

Turning to a more detailed analysis of the components of the stuffing process, it should be noted that its integrity depends only on the fulfillment of all the above points without exception. 
  • The meeting and further escort of the vessel also includes monitoring of serviceability, carrying out maintenance of the ship.
  • The next, no less important stage of stuffing is the correct selection of the most economical packaging for transporting goods. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate all dimensions and make an unmistakable choice of big-bags according to the carrying capacity, take into account all the risks and prevent them.
  • Next, the representative who stuffs the goods must arrange for the movement of the transported goods in properly selected and prepared containers.
  • After the end of the loading stage, if necessary, if it is agreed earlier and fixed by the contract, the process of processing the goods by certain means, extending the shelf life of the product or performing other functions. An action of this nature is carried out strictly, in accordance with technical regulations, as well as documentation for the goods or product.
  • Further, in order to fulfill all the norms of the legislation, a specialist engaged in cargo stuffing carries out the execution of all documentation provided for by the standards, including certificates and declarations.
  • The next step in this process is registration at the customs office with a shuffler. Without the approval of the customs service, all previous steps are meaningless.
  • The last action that closes the entire chain of work done is the provision of packaged goods with ready-made documentation to the cargo terminal for further export of cargo to the final destination.
Therefore, only after completing all these important actions can the staffer’s work be considered 100% complete.

The financial component of the process

A rather significant factor when choosing a company specializing in transshipment and stuffing of goods is the price of services. It is formed based on the type of cargo, its weight, dimensions, other necessary conditions and the range of transportation.

To whom to entrust the organization of cargo delivery?

If you value your time, nerves and are not an expert in the field of shipping logistics, then it is advisable to contact a company of the appropriate profile, which will help deliver the goods to anywhere in the world.
Cargo packing performed by specialists will take several times less time than similar work organized independently. When applying for cooperation to a specialized company, the client will receive not only high-quality service, but also a full range of services for port staffing and forwarding.
The staff of the company has in its arsenal of qualified employees who can be contacted with any question of the appropriate profile and get an exhaustive answer.

Some stuffing details

A consistent algorithm of actions is carried out strictly in accordance with legislative acts. After moving the cargo to the big bag, there is a seal, a prerequisite for which is the presence of customs representatives.
In order to protect yourself from loss of cargo, poor transportation conditions, damage to goods and other unpleasant moments, you must contact a company that will provide services such as freight forwarding and stuffing. Big bag is undoubtedly the market leader due to its ease of transportation, stability, excellent quality and low cost. An important aspect is that the reuse of certain types of big bags is strictly prohibited. 

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