Sea transshipment of rubble in the south of Ukraine: current volumes, loading and unloading technologies

Detailed information on the sea handling of rubble. Structure of export and import of crushed stone.

Detailed information on the sea handling of rubble. Structure of export and import of crushed stone.

Along with sand and cement, crushed stone is the main ingredient of concretes used in monolithic and block construction, road construction, and production of concrete products. Based on the latest data published by the State Statistics Committee, domestic production of crushed stone was 80.9 million tons. It is obvious that with such volumes, crushed granite stone can become a profitable component of Ukrainian exports. Fortunately, for the transshipment of crushed stone in ports and its shipment to ships of import contractors, specific and complex production chains are not needed.
The largest sea terminals providing the lion's share of import / export transshipment of rubble in the ports of Ukraine,are located in Kherson, Mariupol, Izmail, Odessa, Chornomorsk and Nikolaev. According to the latest reports, the Izmail MTP in 2019 transshipped 97 thousand tons of imported stone chips. River ports also make a significant contribution to the logistics of crushed stone export cargoes. Of these, it is worth highlighting Kievsky and Kremenchugsky.

Structure of export and import of crushed stone

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The highest demand in Ukraine and neighboring countries is for crushed stone with a fraction of 5-20 mm in diameter. Stone 5-10 mm in size is less demanded. It is typically used for asphalt paving, concrete and reinforced concrete. Granite chips in 20-40 mm and 40-70 mm are also ordered often for the purpose of:
- strengthening ballast embankments under railway and tram tracks;
- cushion bookmarks for highways;
- construction of foundations;
- grinding into smaller fractions.
In 2018, 197.2 thousand tons of crushed stone products were imported to the country in the amount of 3.67 million dollars. In relation to the indicators of 2017, the growth in physical and material terms was 52.5% and 35.9%, respectively.
The total export indicators for 2018 amounted to 6.44 million tons, which is 24.6% less than in 2017. This is due to the almost widowed cut-back import of rubble to Russia. The distribution by the volume of purchases of crushed stone in 2018 looked like this:
  • 49.8% - Russian Federation
  • 37.6% - Belarus
  • 10.7% - Poland
  • 1.7% - Moldova.

Crushed stone loading techniques. Features of handling rubble in bulk and in big bags

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The advantage of crushed stone in comparison with other building and construction materials is its unpretentiousness to climatic conditions. For him, sea water and damp air, strong temperature drops are not dangerous. Therefore, the cargo of crushed stone chips can be freely transported in open embankments on the decks of barges and bulk carriers.

Bulk transfer of rubble

Convenient when handling large volumes due to the fast pace of loading and unloading operations. It is carried out by means of grab cranes installed on the shore or on a floating platform. For more productive work, conveyor loaders are increasingly used. In bulk transshipment, it also does not do without ground special equipment. Loading for overland transportation requires the use of bucket front loaders and excavators equipped with grab grippers.

Crushed stone handling in big bags

It is used for the formation of batches of pebbles, gravel and stone chips, packaged in piece containers. Big-bag polypropylene bags have rigid ribs that do not allow them to roll over and slide during transportation and pulling by lifting mechanisms. Reinforced hinges at the top engage conveniently with the hook of a hydraulic loader crane or forklift.
For handling crushed stone in a big bag , not so much area is required, because bags can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Nevertheless, impressive masses of crushed stone are rarely transported in packaged form, and the bags themselves are not adapted to work with too large a fraction. As a rule, they are loaded with small granules up to 15-20 mm in size.

TTG "Forward" is ready to accept and store crushed stone for transshipment

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Our loading complex is located in the water area of ​​the port of Chernomorsk and has several high-performance berths with equipment for handling bulk cargo. At the request of customers, we can carry out RRP with the placement of export crushed stone in bulk, or accept piece imported cargo in big bags. Marine contractors are provided with:
- development and approval of technological charts for loading operations;
- temporary storage on the territory of the terminal;
- intra-port forwarding;
- ship agency service;
- incoming quality control, issuance of quality certificates and customs clearance.
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