Transportation in big bags: advantages, features of the PRR and placement of cargo in the holds

Transportation in big bags. How big bags are handled. How big bags are stored in the holds

Transportation in big bags. How big bags are handled. How big bags are stored in the holds

The transportation of general (piece) cargo in big bags has been practiced for a long time when working with various bulk materials. Shipping and transportation in these bags made of durable polypropylene fabric is especially important when handling medium and low-tonnage consignments and when working with cargo. Big bags or soft containers (MK) as containers for transportation and storage are distinguished by such advantages as:
  1. Durability . The density of the synthetic fabric is 60-240 g / m2, the strong knitting is resistant to stretching and cutting. On the loops, which are used for gripping with lifting equipment, a laminated layer of fabric from thicker fibers is sewn.
  2. Resistance to creep of bulk cargo . The bag has 3-4 stiffening ribs that support the contents. If you follow the stacking recommendations, the big bags can be placed in 4 tiers without the risk of the upper or lower bags sliding to one side.
  3. Protection against moisture and corrosive liquids. Transportation in bigbacks with a polyethylene liner will protect products sensitive to high humidity (lime, cement, flour, cereals, granular urea) from damage.
  4. Convenience of storage and transportation of the big bag on a pallet. The relatively low weight of full big bags (from 0.5 to 3 tons) and their stability allow them to be stored and transported on a pallet.
  5. Fast loading and emptying . In the upper and lower parts of the bags sewn valves for loading and unloading bulk materials. By hanging the big-run over the supply hopper or other receiving device, you can quickly empty it. Or also fill quickly by placing it under the dosing device.
  6. Reusable. Because The material of the bag is resistant to chemical and biocorrosion, it can be reused when working with inorganic material or non-perishable products.
  7. Compactness when folded. The Big Bag can be easily rolled up or folded in an envelope in case you need it later.
Transportirovka v bigbegah

How big bags are handled

Unlike unloading and loading in bulk, working with piece cargo in a big bag is not as productive. To speed it up, a special traverse is hung on the port tower crane to capture several bags at once. Traverses are usually made with grippers for 4, 6 or 8 bags at once.
It is customary to transship cargo in big bags according to the "ship-machine" and "machine-ship" scheme, if it is delivered by the contractor's tractor. After unloading from the ship, the car takes out the consignment immediately to the customer's warehouses. It is also possible to transship from and to the ship consignments, which are stored at the terminal's warehouses. In this case, containers are stored in stacks in the loading area.

How big bags are stored in the holds

The stacking scheme for safe transportation in the holds of bulk carriers usually does not differ from that used onshore. Depending on the volume of MK, their laying is allowed:
  • in 1 tier (volume 2-3 m 3 );
  • in 2-3 tiers (volume up to 1.5 m 3 );
  • in 4 tiers (volume up to 1 m 3 ).
The difference between placement on the shore and in holds is that in the first case, an indent from the perimeter of the lower tier by 0.5 of the bag diameter is provided. When storing in a hold, big bags must be packed tightly to prevent their possible displacement during rolling and dangerous lateral roll. For this, in the end holds, the bends of the hull are compensated by spacers made of beams or boards. Also, the bags should be separated by protective spacers from any sharp protrusions on the inner walls of the hold.
Kak skladiruyutsya big-begi v tryumah

Transshipment of cargo in big bags in Chornomorsk from TTG "Forward"

Contact the specialists of the "Forward" sea terminal to safely carry out the transshipment of piece cargo in soft containers. Our company provides a full range of services for sea transshipment of cargo in big bags in Ukraine, from the development of a PPR card and ending with customs clearance and preparation for sanitary inspection of cargo. A team of experienced staffing officers, port forwarders and customs brokers are at your service. They will ensure the passage of all stages of loading and unloading operations, the organization of temporary storage of the shopping center and their documentary support.
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