• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Transhipment of сereals

Bulk cargo handling in Ukraine. Current and expected indicators for export deliveries of grains
In terms of the volume of port transshipment in our country, export bulk cargo has been leading for a long time. These include:

  • iron and manganese ore;
  • solid fuels (coal, coke, peat, pillettes);
  • organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • bulk building materials (sand, lime, cement, crushed granite and crushed stone);
  • untreated wood;
  • food raw materials (wheat and other cereals, sunflower seeds, corn, legumes, buckwheat and other cereals, raw sugar, rock salt);
  • vegetables (mainly root vegetables).
In total, the seaports of Ukraine in 2020 handled 44.2 million tons of grain in 11 months of 2020. Of these, 90% of transshipment falls on 5 ports, among which the leaders in the past year were the Nikolaev and Black Sea ports. They provided transshipment of 12.24 and 12.13 million tons of grain, respectively.
Perevalka gruza

Current and expected indicators for export deliveries of grains
Over the past year, the volume of export supplies of crop products, which are based on cereals and corn, slightly decreased. In particular, the loading of cargo in bulk on grain carriers decreased by 5% compared to the previous year. For corn, the comparative drop in the volume of supplies abroad was 12%.
However, it is too early to talk about stagnation in this direction of foreign trade and related transshipment operations. Against the background of a decrease in demand for Ukrainian corn from the EU countries, there is a fourfold increase in exports to China. The volume of purchases from the United Kingdom and Lebanon increased by about 60%. The most active exporters of Ukrainian wheat in the outgoing year were Egypt and Turkey, having increased the volume of imported goods 3.6 and 6.7 times, respectively.
The global trend towards an increase in grain prices in the next year will keep the high demand and competitiveness of the products of Ukrainian producers on the global market. Taking into account the more favorable location of the country, sea grain transshipment will be extremely promising in the direction of the countries of the Middle East, East Africa and Southeast Asia. This is already noticeable in the trend of the past 2020.

Current state and dynamics of handling iron ore materials

Transshipment of this cargo in bulk in Ukraine over the past year increased by 18.5%, its volume amounted to 48 million tons. Port transshipment of ferrous metal ores increased by 9.3% in the period from January to December 2020. The three leaders in this direction of cargo turnover include the seaports of Yuzhny, Nikolaev and Chernomorsk. Existing export indicators are expected to grow due to consistently high demand and prices for ore in the world market.

Services TTG "Forward" for transshipment of cargo in bulk in Chernomorsk

Uslugi forvard
In 2020, the total share of grain handling alone amounted to 30.3% of the total turnover of seaports. Taking into account the demand for bulk cargo transshipment, Forward TTG offers its services to ensure a full cycle of technological operations and intra-port support.
All the necessary infrastructure is available on the territory of the terminal for receiving and unloading cargo in bulk. Available:
  • 4 berths for unloading grain and 1 for handling various types of bulk cargo;
  • portal grains for lifting bulk materials from the holds of cargo bulk carriers;
  • loading special equipment for moving bulk materials and forming dumps;
  • open area with concrete dividers for the formation of embankments from different materials and individual batches.
Railway line No. 10 enters the territory of the port terminal , from the station "Chornomorsk Port" for receiving or sending bulk cargo in wagons. To organize consistent and safe work on unloading / loading cargo in bulk, our company provides the services of experienced stevedores.

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