• Loading/discharging of sea and river vessels.
  • All types of general and bulk loaded freights.
  • Processing of rail and motor transport.

Transhipment of general cargo

General cargo transshipment

Transshipment in seaports is one of the most important strategic directions in the Ukrainian economy. At the same time, the main share of the turnover of export and import cargo falls on port terminals located in the following cities:
  • Yuzhne;
  • Nikolaev;
  • Odessa;
  • Chernomorsk;
  • Mariupol.
According to the statistics of the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine (USPA) for January-October 2020, these transshipment complexes handled 120.96 million tons of cargo, that is, 91.5% of the total figure for the country.
Commercial transshipment in the ports of USPA member enterprises for the past 2020 brought a total income of UAH 7.375 billion. Of these, the organizations' net profit amounted to UAH 2.65 billion, and more than UAH 3.6 billion. were transferred to the state budget and trust funds. Thus, Ukrainian seaports continue to be one of the key economic players in the country.
Due to the systemic modernization of the berths and the increase in technical capacities, a stable increase in the volume of cargo transshipment through sea terminals is observed. As a result, every year industrial ports make an increasingly significant contribution to the development of foreign trade and commercial infrastructure of our country.

Generalnye i tovarno-shtuchnye gruzy

General and commodity-piece cargo

This category unites products whose transhipment and shipment by sea is carried out in the form of palletized, packed in containers, stored in containers or stacked cargo. The overwhelming majority of products with a high degree of processing and market value are transported in this way.
Companies that specialize in transshipment in the ports of Ukraine offer services for the handling of general cargo, complete with:
  1. Stacks and packages. They are used to store and transport logs, linear products made of wood (timber, board), rolled metal.
  2. Pallets. Building mixtures and chemical products in bags, non-food products in boxes and other containers are placed on them. Transportation of perishable goods on pallets is carried out in containers with refrigeration units or in the hold of refrigerated ships.
  3. Big bags. Loose cargo, sensitive to moisture, is increasingly being transshipped in them. This method allows you to protect the working site personnel and the ship's crew from excessive dust formation. In addition, this method is of higher priority (than transshipment of cargo in bulk) if you need to store cargo that easily cakes for a long time, as well as spend or sell them in relatively small volumes.

"TTG Forward" - transshipment in the port of Ukraine with full paperwork

You can entrust the team of professionals of "TTG Forward" with the responsibilities for the execution of contracts for the charter of the vessel, the development of a technological chart of loading operations and intra-port forwarding of goods. The sea terminal "Forward" is located in the water area of ​​the port of Chornomorsk and is capable of providing annual transshipment of grain and other bulk cargo in the amount of up to 7 million tons.
For handling large consignments of bulk cargo, a railway line №10 from the station "Chornomorsk-Port" has been opened to the territory of the complex, where up to 14 wagons can be delivered for unloading. Materials in big bags are placed on a temporary storage area adjacent to the railway tracks, and then transported to closed warehouses. A park of specialized silos is provided on the territory of the complex for transshipment of grain in bulk.
In addition to a well-developed internal infrastructure, our organization has a staff of specialists in sea freight for handling bulk and general cargo. We will also help you connect contractors to perform:
  • stuffing;
  • ship agency services;
  • intra-port forwarding;
  • customs clearance;
  • sanitary and epidemiological control.
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